Saturday, 19 December 2009

Success or Happiness

Define success. Is it owning a house? A car? Having a successful career? Are these things society’s images of success? Or is the definition of success, different to everyone? Is success happiness?

Recently I had a conversation with someone who told me I was a failure. Who said to me repeatedly, look at what you have. Look at what I’ve got.

OK. I live on a boat. I call that affordable waterfront property. I don’t have a full time job. I am in a career transition. I am single. So, Mr. Right hasn’t come along – yet.

None of what he said bothered me. Not one bit. Because when I thought about what he had, it doesn’t fit into my parameters of success. So you have a house with a mortgage. It’s a nice house. But is it a home? So you have a BMW. Do you own it? No. So you have a company with your wife. Do you like what you do? No. So explain to me how you are successful and I am a failure.

I define my success with my accomplishments. What I did to make a difference. What I did to help my community, my neighbour, and another person – the world. What I did to raise a good soul, my son.

My heart tells me I am successful. It’s what makes me happy. Today, it’s what makes me smile.

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Tori said...

RIGHT ON! You go girl! I admire you living on a boat - something I would do if circumstances presented themselves in a certain way.

Not to mention that wonderful son of yours; talk about success - raising a child to be a contributing member of society is no small feat.