Monday, 31 May 2010

Not Yet

A pal once told me of an experience he'd had with some Monks. Their world existed in a positive frame of mind. They didn't know the word no. There was the word "yes" or "not yet."
This conversation enlightened me. Why not forget the word "no?" It's a dead end. Blunt. Negative in some cases. Doesn't go anywhere.
When you think about it, the words "not yet" are toned in a much more positive manner. Leaving you hanging in the balance so to speak.
Rather then answering a question such as "Have you ever tried skydiving?" with "no" (presuming you haven't), you say "not yet." Which leaves the receiver of this communication to hear, you haven't yet but maybe someday you will.
I like that. I like that because it's positive and open-ended. By saying "not yet" you also leave your mind open to the possibilities of whatever that question is.
So, "Have you done the dinner dishes?"
My answer: "Not yet!"

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