Thursday, 20 May 2010

Pass on a Smile

It was a Drama teacher some years ago who shaped who I am today. We sat in a circle. There was a bunch of us girls. At the time - although short-lived - I was in an all-girls school. A piece of paper was handed to one person. She was asked to read it then whisper it into the next person's ear. She did so. And then the next person was asked to do the same. And so on. By the time the message came to the last person it was said out loud. But it wasn't anything close to what was written on that piece of paper. The message was said, but interpreted differently by each person that heard what another person had said.
Mrs. Bradshaw then talked about the smile. How when you smile to someone, instinctively there comes a smile back.
In a day where there may be sadness or darkness, you never know what kind of light you may bring into someone’s heart simply by smiling. And so in my heart this message stuck. You simply can’t go wrong spreading a smile.
Smile when you wake up.
Smile when you meditate.
Smile when you walk down the street.
Smile when no one is looking:)

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