Friday, 4 June 2010

Be One With Your Bike

Funk is in and so is getting a professional bike fit. Wow what a difference a few good tweaks can make.
I finally took the time today to see the man in the know, Bill Fry at also known as Pro City Racing.
No more get on the bike and ride. Now it’s get on the bike and perform!
They knew I was coming, I booked the appointment two days earlier. I roll in and my bike is fitted onto a windtrainer. Bill follows shortly. My shoes laced up he asks me to climb on. I sit and complain about what I know I don’t like. He watches me pedal. Like a good thinker he sits and analyzes. Then he takes out a long bendy ruler it looks like. Measures up my leg. Has me stick my pedal stroke in one spot while he dangles a plum line.
Out come the tools. The seat height changes. So does the seat positioning. More measuring. Another plum line. Then some adjustments to the handlebars. A tilt.
Now I’m sent out for a ride. My cockpit is tight. I like it. I do a block of roady and thank the dude. The true test will be to see how I perform at “Hard Rock Hartland.” The local trails also known as “The Dump.”
Night and day. I have a grasp for climbing, I am tilting in unison. I am one with my bike. What a difference a bike fit can make.
I return to spread my happiness. Stoked and ready for tomorrow’s xc marathon ride at the North Shore Bike Festival WOOT WOOT!

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