Sunday, 6 June 2010

Feel the Energy

Had to stop and stand in the moment. I felt this overwhelming sense of peace. I was standing in a forest. At the top of Berkeley Road in North Vancouver. I heard myself say, “I am having a moment. I need to stop and feel this.”
I was on my way to the finish line of the DH (Downhill Mountain Biking) Smackdown at the North Shore Bike Festival. My son was racing. The hike in was about 15 minutes in by foot.
Everywhere I looked there were trees. Filled in with lush green leaves accented with vibrant lime colours everywhere.
Someone walked by me and I had to say to him, “This is incredible.”
He didn’t slow down much but commented that since he lives here, he kinda takes it all for granted.
Years ago I read the Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. Upon putting it down it sent me out to feel the magic of trees. I visited Carmanah Valley and every little park around the city I live in. I sat down in the hallow of one tree to feel the energy.
Shortly after this something remarkable happened. I was leaving the house, my son ahead of me, I lock the door and as I went to cross the sidewalk to the boulevard to where our car was parked my son was hugging the boulevard tree. He was nine years old at the time. I surmised this to be a sign that he could feel the energy of the tree - maybe he needed it.
While it rained on the hike into the finish line, it didn’t dampen the spirit and positive energy I felt from being in this remarkable place. I enjoyed the moment. I could feel the energy.

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