Friday, 11 June 2010


My days are never the same. There’s always a new challenge. Good thing. I live for that.
Under no circumstances do I consider another’s life to be the envy.
My x-husband used to say to me, “It’s your way or the highway!”
True to some extent. I just know what I want. And in time, I can usually find a way to get it.
Take today for instance. I finally bought myself a road bike.
This is huge for me. It opens so many doors. No longer do I ride the 19 year-old beautiful but in need of retirement Rocky Mountain Fusion. I now have a Devinci Silverstone that I can call my own. Which means, I can get out and ride with other people!
Last October, the week after Thanksgiving I joined Weight Watchers. My weight had become a problem. I needed to take care of it. I didn’t want to be FAT at 50 (four years away)! I wanted to be fit like Jane Fonda. More importantly, I wanted to feel good about myself.
It was a struggle - rather a challenge. I managed to peel away 30 pounds. It’s still off and I feel great. What this did for me was make way for a goal I had flinging around in my head for a while. I joined the Triathlon Club.
That was in January (I was down about 20 pounds by then). I learned the proper technique for swimming, running and we just got into some road riding when snap, I gimped my calf running and bailed out.
It turned out to be a good thing as the BC Bike Race opportunity cropped up. Cycle, cycle, cycle. That’s all I’ve been focusing on since late March. But I didn’t have a road bike to train on, until now.
Better late then never. Once the BC Bike Race rolls up (June 26 – July 3) I’ll get back to Triathlon training. Now that I have a road bike, I won’t get the sneer from the lead bike guy.
I’m so happy and grateful to meet yet another milestone in my life.

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