Friday, 2 July 2010

The Glow Day!

Melanie McQuaid on the left (Leader of the Epic Course Solo Women), myself on the right. BEFORE I found out I'd podiumed!

The crowd near the results must of thought me a freak. I did one big happy dance when I took a glance at the postings. I so didn’t know what to expect.
The day started beautifully in Squamish. Us Challengers were to follow the Red Bull car up, up, up, and way up.
When my head popped up over the Red Bull to the sky I saw the forest range looming in the distance. Pretty high.
Challengers were told there was an Aid Station soon in on the course. It was about 30 minutes in. I popped off for a banana. Thinking I could pack it in my Bento Box, it was small enough. Grabbed some water and a few oranges and off I went.
In Victoria at Hartland aka the ‘Dump’ there is a new trail called Torpedo. Real pumpish. Super flowy for the dh’ers. Once we did a mash of climbing we entered into a longer Squamish version called the Half Nelson. Hootin’ and hollering it was a banger. Until the Epics rolled up. It was honking. Staying tight to one side I let them giver.
Felt a little out of control I have to say.
Once down we, you guessed it, did some more climbing then hit combos of rock gardens and gashin’ freakin’ switchbacks. Goal today, steady, have fun and remain tight.
We were told 30 kilometres for us today. Epics were doing 60.
Had the pleasure of being passed twice by the Epics. The likes of Wendy Simms, Melanie McQuaid, Andreas Hestler. I would roll to the side if it was a grinder so I didn’t slow them down.
Aid Station two, which I didn’t think there was one for us Challengers saw me quaffing a banana. Somewhere on the Half Nelson I’m sure I lost the one I’d picked up at the first stop. No surprise.
Surprisingly I felt really good. I’d taken some Wild Oregano Oil with me luckily as I’d been fighting the stomach flue for three days. Seemed to be back on track today. The climbing was fine. I didn’t beat myself up. My legs felt good. I went as steady as I could.
As usual I challenge myself (no pun intended) at the finish to gun it. I rolled over the line and once again thanked my bike. My new 2008 Devinci Moonracer. She took a lot of pounding out there. Tons of rock jumps. Once again, she got me home safe.
I take a shower then go and get her all cleaned up. Looking at the chain I do my best to clean it off. I’m technically challenged with anything mechanical on bikes, so ask around if what I’m doing is right. Everyone is super helpful. Especially the Obsession Bikes’ guys. I did a last minute pedal change this morning as I’d broken one of my Crank Brother clips. Riding 45 km with one clip sucked yesterday. Didn’t want to go there today.
Once I got the dirty work done and loaded her on the truck I went on the search for power. Sitting at the Mash tent my eyes caught the results postings up. I went to check. OMG. SECOND! SECOND! I podiumed!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I asked Dr. Wilson to go double check for me. He came back with a picture. Sitting fifth overall, with a second place finish in Day 6 of BC Bike Race Solo Women's Challenge course. I have to say, I’ve got a bit of a glow on right now!!!
Day 7 is at Whistler. This has been so much fun. Living like a Pro. It has gone so fast. On Day 0 President and Founder of BC Bike Race, Dean Payne said something to the effect, “Enjoy your biking camp.”
One gal from Australia claimed it was her holiday. We both agreed, we are a bit looney in the head to be doing what we’re doing and calling it a holiday.
Honestly I am loving every minute of it.

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Amy said...

Great post Jane, enjoyed reading. And again, CONGRATS on that podium finish!

Amy said...

ps. Jane if you get a chance in a couple days and don't mind, send me an e-mail......I'd love to ask you a couple questions about the race, particular to the Challenge distance/times, etc:

Jane Victoria King said...

Thank you and definitely!