Friday, 30 July 2010

The Journey

Heard something today which made me open my eyes. Wide open.
It turned out we are both the same age. That young at 46 years on earth.
Jonathan was telling me about his revolutionary change in lifestyle. Moving from idyllic Brentwood Bay to seven acres on Hornby Island. Self-made in his own business he planned to carry on with the hobby farm sideline.
I was in awe at this kind of change for a young family with two young children. Then he said something that struck me like a lightning rod.
“There’s the powerboat and there’s a sailboat. The powerboat will get you there fast while the sailboat will let you enjoy the journey along the way.”
We’re in the boatyard standing next to my baby. He compares this analogy to life. You either enjoy it or you let it fly by you.
Further discussion revolved around quality of life, living sustainably and hunkering down to fate and what the heart dictates.
Splendid I mused to myself once more. I’ll take the sailboat thank you very much.


Allan said...

Just wanted to say it was very much a pleasure to meet you!

Allan said...

It was a pleasure to meet you!

Jane Victoria King said...

You too!!! Thanks for everything. Fred says tanks too!