Sunday, 4 July 2010

View From My Tent - BC Bike Race Moments

Nothing has changed at home. Except me. I feel dizzy. I’m not done yet. I have not cut off my BC Bike Race wristband. I’m still gulping down the fact that I rode the BC Bike Race Challenge Course. All seven days.
In all the training I got done in a week ahead of the race, the most hours I managed was 14 – only once. Over the past seven days I rode a total of 22 hours, 28 minutes and 21 seconds – mountain biking. I’m awaiting confirmation on the total kilometers. Pretty sure it’s just shy of 200.
The results have me posted as fifth overall for the Solo Women, out of 11. I’m pretty pleased with that. I podiumed on Day 6 in second place. I was stoked with that. I worked hard to get there. Definitely could of done with another year or more of training. But in the short time I had (three and half months) I think I did OK. I left room for improvement.
Family and friends want to hear all. I go through each day step by step. Relive the moments of the rides. Feel the pain again. It was hard work. Truly. When I drop my bike off to my son for a wash and grease he asks me will I be doing the long one (Epic) next year? I hesitate. Stalled for an answer. I ask him if he’ll ride with me in a team. That would be cool. There was a father/son team that did the Challenge. They were from the US.
I continue to reflect on the greatness of the last week. The exhilaration of the race start on Day 1. Leaving the Departure Bay ferry terminal in Nanaimo in a pack. All 500 of us.
Or, the coolness of the team of four that rolled by me on some gravel road in the middle of Day 2’s course in Cumberland. She at the back, drafting the three of them. Pretty sure they were the Australians.
Then I chuckle thinking of dude in the tighty blackies walking to the washroom trailer at the same time I was before dusk one morning. At least I wore my pyjamas.
Or the shower when all the shampoo was lathered in the hair and the water turned to ice. The day was already cold. I left refreshed.
Then there were the BCBR fans in the communities that during each race start cheered us on. Hooting and hollering. The bag pipers in Powell River as we all waltzed to our bikes readying for the race start. And the cool group of kids high fiveing us as we enter the incredible forests in Powell River. Maybe some of them will end up as Pros?
The wildlife seemed scarce, except for the black momma bear and baby in a field at Whistler. Although many a black bear’s presence was seen in the fields of salal we rolled through. We were in their turf.
Then there were the birds. They didn’t seem to mind us. Each forest we went through had their own song. And each had a fresh breath of air.
Logging scars were seen. But if it weren’t for the loggers I’m sure a lot of these trails wouldn’t be there for us to access and ride.
I reflect on the kindness and professionalism of each red shirt, the BCBR staff and volunteers. Mr. Michael Jacoby who diligently cared for my bag, knowing I was packing my computer so I could blog daily.
Never a grump on anyone’s face whenever a question was asked.
The days went by too fast. As I sat at the banquet dinner last night at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler flanked by South Africa and Austria I think to myself, my favourite part of being at the BC Bike Race is that fact that I got to share this experience with the World.

Registration is open now for BC Bike Race 2011 at Early Bird Registration rates. Don’t hesitate. Do it! You won’t regret it.
I recommend you start training tomorrow.
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