Wednesday, 11 August 2010

SARK and I

Magical Journeys with SARK
Did a conference call tonight with SARK and others. Love technology today. We actually had an opportunity to break off into groups and do mini-workshop type vignettes all via this system called MaestroConference. Very cool.
As I’ve committed to attending SARK’s workshop at Hollyhock on Cortes Island in September, I reckoned this to be a good precursor for what to expect.
Three part harmony, developing a self-support system that is sustainable to me, a Transformational Change Sheet part of SARK’s Solution Station – I swallowed it all whole!
In my mini-workshop was Florida, Massachusetts and me Canada. We were all invited to share permission slips for each other’s Change Sheets by sounding the first thing intuitively that came to mind.
Long ago I read a book by SARK, Succulent Wild Woman. In the fall I picked up from the library, Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper. Both gratifying with inspirational tidbits that I carry with me every day.
We live to learn, to grow. Yet empowering ourselves to do to be all we want to be takes support. I’ve lit this candle.
When I called out my Choose to Transform sentence it resonated; Change my source of income from manual labour (varnishing boats) to creativity and making a difference. 
SARK’s verbal response was not to leap, but to build a bridge.
I’m washing the dishes and mulling over it all. I think about my bridge. The future. The workshop with SARK in September. My upcoming trip to Uganda in the fall.
Seems like the foundation is already there.
Tonight I breath gratitude.

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