Sunday, 8 August 2010

Summer Rain Inside

Split Enz put out a song about spending six months on a leaky boat. I’m coming up to seven years. Number one son cast the right shadow after the monsoon summer rain (all of one day).
“It’s been really dry.”
Wood and warmth. Like kindling. Cracks open up. It dries out. Wouldn’t want to light a match. Although, not necessarily so with a wooden boat in salt water. Must keep fresh water out. Salt water prevents rot. Fresh water rots boat. Rot is bad. Don’t want rot.
I have a friend who owned a wooden boat. She laboured over her with love. Till one day the rot became too much. It had reached her stem. Kinda an important part structurally of the boat. Called it quits. Put her love up for sale and sold her. Haven’t had a chance to ask her yet if she’s ever looked back.
Like a house, there’s a certain amount of maintenance that needs to happen each year. With boats though, if the roof leaks, it isn’t always that simple to fix. Pretty easy to put a few buckets out though!
So I carry on.

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