Thursday, 30 September 2010

There is No Box!

Dream Boogie with SARK

Always looked at myself as an outside the box thinker. Of course there are other ways to contemplate that mind scenario. SARK put it perfectly. Last night’s Dream Boogie class was so named - There is NO BOX! Now that changes critical thinking. The path of thought, the voyage of the dreams!
The on-line forum led by SARK gave everyone an opportunity to write down the obstacles that are keeping us from living our dreams. We had one minute. Whatever comes to mind. Roll it out. Reel if off the chest.
Fear capitalized. SARK called out inhibitions as being the Dream Stoppers. With a challenge to evaluate and re-think, re-name and re-phrase them into a Dream Starter statement. In changing the tone we bring shards of light and hope to the process.
Yes we can. Yes we can. I know I can. I know I can!
In the journey of life, our patterns of thoughts ignite control over our feelings and emotions. How easy it is to change all of thought by simply re-shaping our ponderings. Instead of saying I don’t have, say I DO have and YES I can!
In closing SARK emphasized it’s OK to hold hands with fear. Not to fight it. But most importantly, don’t try and be someone else. Never compare yourself to someone else, to want to be like someone else. The World needs you to be YOU!
I can agree to that. Can you?

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