Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Uganda Wishes - Touching Hearts

Music is the international language.
Even though it’s 10:30 at night here in Uganda it sounds like the dancing just began. The beat is steady. It flows. Very alive. Happy.
There’s three of us around the table. Writing. Blogging. Every once in a while someone sways to the beat. I’m tempted to go outside and find the source.
Took me back to earlier in the day. Met a young Ugandan with a guitar. And a soul to light up a room. Shelley who hails from the Yukon but has been studying in Victoria, BC brought him to our guest house at Mengo Hospital. She’s spent the last three months in Uganda. The village he lives in is a seven hour bus ride from Kampala. He’d come with friends, including Shelley to record some songs.
At 23 years-old his command of the English language - excellent. His compassion for humanity - incredible. Ideology for the world - exceptional. Passion for life - outstanding.
I was honoured to be in his company.
He played us a song. War Lords. I asked him what his wish was for Uganda today.
“I wish that all Ugandans participated in developing Uganda without any negative feelings… I wish in Uganda we were all working for each other, including the leaders.”
Then I asked what his wish was for the world.
“… we can create our own heaven on this round world if we are able to understand that human beings whether in trouble or in happiness, they’re all important.”
A housemate Jennifer from Toronto asked him to play another song. He strummed and sung Human Like You. She’d just finished reading Ishmael Beah's, A Long Way Gone.
She confessed the lyrics in his song dampened her eyes. When she got up to say goodbye her words to him were, “Thank you for touching my heart.”
I was so moved by his reply.
“Thank you for having me here. It’s your beautiful hearts that make it a home.”

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