Sunday, 26 December 2010

People, Purpose & Power!

Stemming out of Uganda Wishes, I am now focusing my thoughts on a new project called People, Purpose and Power!
The idea is to photograph people, then on the flip side tell their story – their purpose, hope, wish for the world. 
In Uganda especially I found so many people wanted their picture taken. Likely, they may never have an opportunity to get a copy of a picture of themselves.
This fellow asked me to take his picture.
I would print two copies of the picture with their purpose on the spot then juxtapose the photographs in some streetscape skyline where passerby’s can view. A copy would also go as a keep sake to the person. At night the images and words would be broadcast onto the side of a building...
A guard (without his gun) wanted his picture taken.
I view it as an art expose with a purpose of taking up a conscious shift of awareness into the future of the world.
What do YOU think?