Sunday, 16 January 2011

Giving Back

Anyone ever ask you what your perfect day looks like?
I know mine.
It starts out with a long workout. Something that grinds me to the core. When I’m done I’m lit up like a Christmas tree. With a salt lick on my face.
Every muscle is tired. Not achy. Tired.
I’m relishing the thought of a huge brunch with my fave Kick-Ass coffee.
I’ve digested a lot of fresh air. I’m high.
Yesterday was the perfect day. I started out on road ride with my devote bike store, Pro City Cycle.
As we rolled out I heard, “mellow.” I was okay with that. I’d wrestled with getting my ass out of bed in the first place.
We carry on and I get yakking with another gal, Sandy.
Under an hour later we hit the turnaround for the mellow. I’m feeling I need at least an hour and a half so I bolt to carry on. Sandy joins me. We talk training. She’s doing a triathlon and says she’s got 2.5 hours to put in today. I’m in, but realize I didn’t bring nutrition. She’s got it covered. We’re on.
The perfect way to start the day. We spun 60 kms with a host of varied elevations and came back to the shop in 2.5 hours exactly.
It was a grunt. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and she’s way fitter then I am. But boy, what a delightful way to start the day.
We toasted a kick-butt coffee at the shop and hugged goodbye. She was off to her kids.
Something she’d said during the tail end of our ride really stuck with me. We were both so elated to start the day out so right. She then said something like, “Now that’s I’ve done something for myself, I’m ready to give back to my kids.”
I thought to myself, how sweet. You do something for yourself – like a wicked workout and you’re even more valuable to everyone else. So true.
For giving back.

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