Thursday, 3 February 2011

Dance Flow

Went to my first Five Rhythms dance experience with Bold Girl Dance today.
It was like meditation, except I was dancing.
The word flow resonated. Never stop moving. Connecting with our being. Our inner, inner core. Ourselves.
Fluid. Interchanged glances. Interpreted emotions. With individual energy and vitality. Elicit freedom. Yes! Dancing like no one is watching.
I thought about sitting down at a desk and computer for the rest of the day. My right palm strapped over a computer mouse. Still. Eyes intact. At a screen.
How would I play out the magic of being in the flow? Nourishing the centre of freedom. The unleashed emotions of joy and sorrow.
Hadn’t danced so freely for so long to such incredible music since I was in Africa. Honestly. That’s how it should be done. Daily. Allowing yourself to be. To truly be. To release. To unwind. To witness your abundance. Naked - but free. Movement no matter what. Like water pouring out of a tap. Like a river running downstream. Like our soul souring up, way up to the sky. An awakening of all of our senses.
I smiled. I breathed. I cried. The sad erupted and melted away.
Delight shone. I was in the know.
I was one with the dance flow.

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