Monday, 7 February 2011

The Family Heart

Years ago at a family function I’d done my best to sneak out of the boredom of the eve. At the time, a teenager – friends were way more fun. Of course.
I remember my mother being irate.
“Remember one thing, Jane. Your family will always be there for you. Your friends may not!”
The guilt got chewed on. I weighed in on the unit. Miserably stayed afoot until it was legally OK to go. The line stayed with me though.
Good thing. Recently I dished it out to my son.
When you’re 18 almost 19 you think you’re in the know.  Fact is, life revolves around you. Like a carriage horse with blinders on. It’s straight ahead. Wherever that my lead.
When dad was alive, Sundays were a traditional road beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner. Around the table. A time to share. To laugh. To commiserate.
Two weeks had gone by and every time I spoke to my son I’d ask him, “So when am I going to see you?”
The reply was always, “I don’t know.”
Happily, I received a call today to meet-up for dinner.
I did a double take. He hadn’t changed much. Still making sense of life and all that he’s got going on in it. The girlfriend, school, a weekend job and friends.
I was delighted to be with him. Delighted to once again feel the family heart.

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