Friday, 11 February 2011

Inspired Logic

Get it while you can!
Whether it’s from Twitter, the newspaper or a conversation you had last night. Run with it, I say. Run with it!
Like the taste of a soft ice cream cone. What are you thinking? How good it is? How much is melting on your tongue into your mouth. The taste. The richness of the cream. You’re in the moment. Savour it!
When inspiration knocks at the door. Hold onto it. Take it for a walk and see where it goes. Maybe to a novel creative realm you haven’t visited yet? Some twisted altered state. Who knows! Don’t be afraid. Explore it! Most importantly, make time for it.
I’m a journalist. Always been one for writing things down. Words that trigger a connection. Things that inspire me. Language that moves me.
I take it and let it shake me into another galaxy. Why not?
No barriers. Unknown boundaries. I make it up. It’s mine to grow. And you never know where you’ll end up.
Get out there and say or do what you want for the world. No inhibitions. Reach deep. Say yes. Move with it. Take it. No rambling.
Really, it’s what I call inspired logic.

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