Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Appreciating Life

Got an amazing email from an amazing woman and friend who has a unique health challenge. She’s taking it all in stride.
While I know her acknowledgement of the situation in some ways has been a blessing – at least she finally knows what is wrong – it’s also been a test.
But to see how her community has come together to be there for her is remarkable. She is not alone. She knows it. She appreciates everyone. And she tells us.
When I first spoke with her of her diagnosis I told her to accept it and hold hands with it. To love it out of herself. I pardoned the gloom. Why go there? No need.
I still hear her laughing. Positive overtones. What else can you do? You have to carry on. It’s what you’re made of.
Friends of hers talk too. It’s all a matter of strength. For who is around her, with her, beside her and even for us that aren’t nearby – to talk about her.
I send out the love to the Universe for her. Watch in my mind as it ricochets back into her lap. The cup runneth over. Where there is the joy, there is the light.
Tonight I get off the telephone with a friend who is a friend also of hers. I wave the magic wand. Guided peace and tranquility for a good night’s sleep my friend. The friendship that lasts.
The friendships that speaks so much about appreciating life.

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