Monday, 14 March 2011

To Win the Lotto

Two things came to mind. If I won a lotto fortune, what I would do.
Firstly I’d support an affordable housing project. In the elite city I live in. There isn’t enough.
Secondly, I’d support more initiatives in the developing countries for free education.
Then I started to think more about this. Are there enough well educated teachers to teach? Should there be more education for educating teachers?
Boils down to this. Especially in the developing countries. So many people don’t get the chance. That is wrong.
For us, we’re spoon fed learning to read and write. It’s free, it’s mandatory.
For them, the road is bumpy. More then one child in the family, skimpy incomes and not enough food. Who gets to go to school? Chance are, maybe one.
I was so saddened to learn of a close acquaintance in Uganda who didn’t know how to read. He’s almost 27 year old.
When I started to show him how he was like a six year-old boy. Eagerly soaking it all in. Holding up a book, like he was real. Really able to read.
If more people in the developing countries were educated, maybe we could stop calling them developing countries and start calling them another developed country.
Education equals knowledge which equals the ability to self-sustain in business, health care, imports, exports, etc.
Oh, to win the lotto....

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A Fresh Thinker said...

You never know what will happen when you put things "out there." For the first time ever I won $20 in the LOTTO Max. How lucky/grateful am I! Enough to activate further investments in Lotto tickets!