Monday, 16 May 2011

Why Ride a Bike

Foolishly I bought another book. Not like I really needed it. But the title intrigued me. Ride Your Way LeanThe Ultimate Plan for Burning Fat and Getting Fit on a Bike, by Selene Yeager (and the Editors of Bicycling).
True enough. I wanna be lean.
Fact. I love to ride a bike.
Fiction. I’m in good shape!
Some of the older dudes that I ride with in the early mornings preach it pretty good. The lighter you are on the bike, the better you’ll be.
Early on in the year I gave up wearing my Lantern Rouge (it's red) jacket. Not because I’d moved out of last place.
Because the zipper kept splitting on me.
The pounds had piled up fast. By the time I was brave enough to look in the mirror (naked) I had two spare tires resting on each hip. Wahhhhhhh!
The book arrived in the mail. On the outside the package read something like, “Open Immediately!”
Eventually I did. In typical Jane fashion I opened up to skim the first few pages and chapters.
But instead of flipping though, I found myself zooming in and reading here and there. Learning things I thought I already knew.
Later in the evening I’m into the boob tube and decide to catch a few pages during commercials.
Holy cow. I’m reinventing the script.
I’ve always been a cyclist. Lived years without a car. Back in the day. Now I drive. Ridiculously short distances in a vehicle.
I was pleasantly surprised to read into the depths the reminders of the sunshine you bring into a room when you ride a bike.
Really got me thinking.
Why I need to ride a bike… more often.

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