Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Physiotherapy vs Osteopathy

Never knew there was a difference. Only knew physiotherapy.
I’d taken to three treatments four weeks after my accident. Without success.
I cancelled my last appointment. What for?
There were some exercises shown. Some movements made. Followed by debilitating pain in the back.
My virtual physiotherapist was giving me more assistance with standing exercises. By email.
I felt improvement.
However, a visit to a hospital for a family member yielded the greatest results.
I watched as a hospital physiotherapist assisted a patient. I poised the question. At that point I was six weeks in. The pelvis pain wasn’t hidden. The clavicle was healing.
“It’s eight weeks for those types of fractures she said,” then the blow, “Six months till you’re fully recovered.”
Not one, not even my doctor had told me that.
I carried on. With the cane.
The eight weeks came. I lost the cane. But I was walking like a duck.
My mother called.
“I’ve made you an appointment,” she said.
A company called Body Logic. Someone she’d met at the pool. They’re from the UK. They aren’t physiotherapists.
Frustrated with where to turn, I went.
Instead of filling out a form I was sat down with the osteopathic practitioner and asked my medical history. We discussed it. He asked more questions. When it came to my pelvis we talked about my failed childbirth (Cesarean), my periods and the fibroids.
Then the pelvic fractures.
After that the fun part.
“Are you OK with being naked?”
Down to my drawers so to speak.
I was told to sit. The first riot act I got was with my neck. The shape. I was told where the weaknesses were and why. Ultimately the computer habit is helping to do the damage.
Exercises where shown. A graphic illustration on how to swim. On the back – not the front.
Then to my lower back. Fingers in two place bend at the neck and bend over.
So I did.
There was a rash of disgust. But in a nice way. It was easy for him to see where I had a problem.
A twisted pelvis.
“I’ve made people pregnant,” he said.
We laughed.
“Not in that way of course,” he adds.
By the appropriate adjustments.
I was shown exactly what my pelvis was doing along with the resulting pain and why my lower back grief in the morning was there.
Onto my back, the legs were next.
The left leg clearly in muscle muddle. The difference illustrated by a lean with his arm. Comparing the right to the left – apples to oranges.
I’d gone down on my left side.
A good baby lotion and muscle manipulation next with different exercises.
Then off to the side.
More muscle manipulation. Tough tissue pain.
Onto the front.
“This takes two of us now to fix your pelvis.”
It was simple. Painless. Fast.
The two worked together. Me on my front. Left arm down. Face to the right. Legs forward and bent and up.
They lifted and twisted.
Then the release.
It was an almost two hour appointment.
Today, life has been bright. I am walking normal.
No more duck waddle.
There is a remnant of muscle twang. Slight. Normal. To be expected.
I am so back to being me.
So grateful for Body Logic.
So grateful for my mother leading me there.
When it comes to physiotherapy or osteopathy.
I can whole-heartily recommend osteopathy.
It works!


Amy said...

YAY!!! SO glad you are feeling better! Kudos to the osteopath!

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