Thursday, 21 July 2011

Yoga and You

Cob House Building on Cortes Island (this wall was straw!)
Did my first yoga class since I can’t remember when yesterday morning. It felt great!
I was careful. Allowing my body to guide my ability.
Throughout I kept asking myself,
“Why don’t you do this everyday?”
Years ago I cycled over to Cortes Island to learn how to build a Cob house. Mud and straw and lots of stomping.
I’ll leave it at that.
The teacher offered to share her daily practice.
Something she did EVERY morning before breakfast.
Even before coffee. A habit like brushing your teeth. Except it takes a little longer.
Bravely, I joined in. It was a routine of movements. Mostly yoga. Once done you felt so alive. So awake. So balanced.
The memories strolled through my mind today. I was so grateful to of been able to do a yoga class yesterday (see Broken Wings). Lovely Laura, our dear family friend greeted me as I went in. This was a class I’d never done.
“Lots of breathing,” she said assuredly.
I was ready.
In the past yoga has awakened dark emotions in me. Resulting in tears.
This class brought me healing.
We were asked to focus on one word. Mine was peace.
In concluding the class the teacher sang a mantra. Later, I was to discover it was a healing song.
Feels like I’ve rekindled the yoga and me. How about you?
I’m wondering if you’ve done a yoga class recently?

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