Saturday, 17 September 2011

Like Minded Vancouver

Was super curious to hook up with this morning coffee group. 
They really call themselves Like Minded Vancouver.
A creative source. A connected bunch.
Not about selling anything. All about a handshake and a yack. What you do, what they do.
Only been on the mainland two weeks. Know lots of folks for sure in Vancouver. Not so much around what I’m studying.
Stumbled on their link through Twitter. One thing led to another. Just so happened they wrangled a meeting Friday morning at the funky Gastown Milano coffee bar.
Since I’m commuting from Bowen Island and school starts at 9 a.m. I only had half an hour. Holy interesting 30 minutes!
I met a portrait photographer, a software designer, a real estate agent and a budding high tech entrepreneur.
Little skeptical of late when someone introduces himself or herself as an entrepreneur. Does that mean sales?
This guy was dialed.
Dick was his name.
“I’m a Dick,” he even said.
Which sent me into howls of laughter.
I ask him what he’s all about. He gives the nearby’s the lowdown.
A new technology start-up. Flashing bubbles of information on any one person instantaneously. Instead of going there or here to gain the info it all pops up as you scroll over.
Then he gets out his iPhone. Scans the crowd.
Soon to be, face recognition software that tells all.
Have to say, I’m eager to attend more of these, Like Minded meet-ups.

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