Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Stretching Brain Cells

Didn’t get to buy new clothes. Came with what I had.
No hair cut or fancy backpack.
Probably the oldest one in. But that’s OK.
I’m LOVING it! Being back at school.
Told one teacher today.
“I’m the sponge – ready to soak it all in.”
Guess that’s what you pay for.
It’s a new language. A second language. Interactive Media – Electronic Media Design. Visual communication.
What I want to learn. What I need to learn.
Yesterday my son told me he was starting a new job. Immediately I got to thinking. What can he do to educate himself to be top drawer?
We may think we know it all, but do we really?
Often snippets you hear someone say can turn the tide to a whole new way of thinking.
A better way. For the good.
Nothing wrong with, stretching those brain cells.


Janice said...

Welcome to the world of mature sponges! It's a lovely (and challenging) place to be. That's one heck of a commute you've chosen - any plans to move closer in? Ping me for coffee when you get adjusted to your shedule. :)

A Fresh Thinker said...

Hey ya! Didn't have a choice for moorage. Although am going to do the False Creek shuffle starting Oct. 1. You bet look forward to getting together!