Saturday, 15 October 2011

Interesting Vancouver

A plethora of colours greeted us.
My first visit to the Museum of Vancouver. Fitting venue for an Interesting Vancouver event I later muse.
I’ve been to a few TEDx events, many Pecha Kuchas and thought since my migration to the big city, Interesting Vancouver was due to capture my brain cells.
So I sat back to savour.
“Listen to yourself and hear your thoughts,” an appropriate opener I affirm.
Which had me reflecting.
Life is like a bath in essential oils. Knowledge nourishes you when and where you need it.
Providing the mind is open.
If you listen you can hear something. Then twang off goes the light bulb. You don't yet know where it will lead. 
I sit and marvel in the swirl of truncated thoughts growing in my mind.
There was a lot of sensitivity and compassion to each speaker. Life’s lessons. Their life’s lessons. Sharing, giving. Spreading.
“You can't build something that is unbroken,” I heard.
Jokes on cancer. He’s held hands with it. Reminisced with humour. Made me feel the opposite of what seems to be true. The doom and gloom of the diagnosis.
“Find meaning, make a mark and then we leave.”
“Fight the shame.”
“Wisdom comes from pain.”
“Remove fear it is irrational.”
The evaluation of the evening contemplated my mind to circulate the notion of a value compass. Not a mind map.
Putting your passions first. Tumbled on by what you're most compassionate about.
The last speaker’s parting words were, “Everyday do something creative, crafty and of your own.”
This was most certainly an Interesting Vancouver.


Amanda said...

Lovely to see your reflections, and wanted to add that the line I shared was "you can't build on broken", from Angela Blanchard. Although in some cases it might also be true that you can't build on unbroken!

A Fresh Thinker said...

Thank you Amanda... my mind heard unbroken. Suppose that was where my thought process was at the time.
Appreciate you reading.