Sunday, 30 October 2011

Technology and Creativity

Given I’m technologically challenged and irreverent when it comes to reading instructions, I think I’m doing pretty good.
In catching up to technology that is. Although from what I hear, as soon as I do - it will change.
Which makes me laugh.
But given once you know it, in most cases it’s transferable. Here’s hoping I’ll be OK.
Frequently, I’ve been heard to say in the middle of class, “That is so cool!”
We’re shown something on a screen on the wall. In front of us our very own computer.
Yet, when it comes to trying it by myself – well, I’m still learning.
Today I set out to finish my lamp-post banner design in Illustrator. A program completely new to me. The images floated around in my head. A colour palette came alive. Then I made my first, then second, then third, then fourth of which I later lost track of – attempts to formulate said design in my head.
No where. I was lost.
Back over to Google. The Idea Refinery. Seeking out tutorials. A classmate offered to assist. Yeah!
Then someone sent me and email and it was time to leave the school.
Technology and creative – yes they do go hand in hand. Just seems one is slightly easier then the other.

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