Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Knowledge and Experience

It’s been weeks I have to say. Pain in both the down and the up. Even at night. After tea. During breakfast.
I’d had enough.
It was lunch time. I was dreading it. Carrots and celery. No way. I caved.
Two friends had recommended me assistance. I’m near False Creek. One referral, Tswawwassen. Another, Kerrisdale. Too far to walk.
If you need a question answered what do you do?
Google it.
Time mattered. Deadlines looming with seven school finals to complete. Only so many hours in the day.
Dreading the moments, I made the decision. It had to be now.
Top two searches were within walking distance. I made the call. Lunch. Drat. Till 1 pm. 
I waited. Moments later I dialed in.
Dr. Winter speaking.”
In seconds I explained my dilemma. The agony. The sleepless nights. The fear of eating.
“I’ve got time this afternoon if you’d like to come in,” he said.
Startled, the only word that came out of my mouth was, “Really?”
One hour later I was back in the classroom working on my History of Design and happily eating sushi.
Billed the Gentle DentistDr. Winter did more for me then the last two dentists I’d seen. In fact, then any dentist I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.
The pain was in chewing. I’d given up on the right side. Completely. When I came to terms with the fact that I couldn’t bear it any more, I figured the easy (inexpensive) route would have to do.
Turns out the fancy Crown made some four years earlier by a computer whilst in the dentist’s chair had been grinding my uppers and lowers the wrong way. Putting extreme pressure into my roots' cavity.
A grind here. A grind there. A quick 90% less radiation then most dentist’s x-rays later - the wrap up.
No abscess. 
"Try this out and see if that fixes your problem. And get your teeth cleaned sometime (it’s only been four years)."
Today, I’m happy to report so far so good. I can chew again!
That was the least amount I’ve ever spent at a dentist with the most results.
Thank you Dr. Winter.
For your knowledge and experience.

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