Saturday, 19 November 2011

Wearing Winter

It was gorgeous this morning. The ripple in the ocean reflected light and dark hues in the buildings beyond. Hints of blue smudged in.
The sky unfolded a crispness. Reminiscent of old man winter. The temperatures idled below zero.
As I rowed to shore, gloves on hands, each breath seen I relished how grateful I was for being.
Yesterday on my walk to school I watched a father with his girls. Both in gumboots, hoodies, raincoats and ski mitts. He, holding an umbrella. My smile told him how cool of a dad he was for walking outside in the frosty rain with his children.
They walked through the leaves. Colours outlining the vibrancy of fall and the mat of winter.
It was slippery and frosty when I landed to shore. Taking caution to the ramps and later on my bike I chanted gratitude for today’s clear skies.
I too wore a hoodie, raincoat and gloves.
I too wore winter.

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