Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What to Do

When all around you seems in disrepair. What do you do?
Yesterday, emotions surfaced in tears. I felt angry, sad, betrayed and lost. So I said to myself – what would dad do?
I knew what he’d do. He wouldn’t give up.
So today I grew back that word “acceptance.”
It’s the way things are. They way they should be. Like what dear Uncle Len always says.
“Everything happens exactly the way it should.”
Last night I turned the music up really loud. I danced around in my small space on my boat. I ate. I did laundry. I shouted. And I cried.
I feel so much better today.
To accept what is fully.
It’s what you have to do.

N.B. I’ve spent the last eight years living on my boat. Recently I moved to Vancouver to go to school. There is VERY limited space for allowable “liveaboard” moorage.
I spend 21 days anchored out in False Creek (maximum allowable within 40 days), then pay a fortune for temporary transit moorage for 19 days.
Yesterday I was denied “temporary” winter moorage because I’m a “liveaboard.”


mark said...

Feeling for you! Been a liveaboard too. Better luck in the carribean. Have my boat in panama now.

A Fresh Thinker said...

Yuppers... should sail 'er south - maybe when school is finished... Appreciate the support!!! BTW first morning with frost... slip slip sliding away!