Thursday, 22 December 2011

Going Back

There would have been cars out front. Not the horse and carriage era.
Was on my way to meet a couple cool ladies (Ahem Productions and Media Rising) this morning and what should appear before me but the very building that greeted my world.
So I said to myself. What was the world like then?
I admit to being a fan of what I am hearing now, may be a short-lived television series called Pan Am. Simply because, that era of art, dress, hair, and prominence so tickles my fancy – rather quite. Dare I admit, it’s set in the mid-60’s. Yes, around the time I was born.
Ironically as the lovely ladies and I chatter away the morning to the early afternoon hours, an interesting topic of discussion arises.
The future, passions and desires. Long-term goals.
Then the question.
What is it we so desired when we were eight years old?
So the theory goes - it’s likely the closest to the root of what your soul desires. Eternal character development has by then been set.
That got me thinking again.
Perhaps now is a good time to think about where you are and where you want to go, but by first going back.
To when you were eight.
Pretty sure I was on the see my name in bright lights - dancer and movie star kick at that time.

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