Sunday, 8 January 2012

To Yield the Results

Getting going is hard. Once you start, things get easier.
Providing you’re consistent.
I am happy to have a goal. Not only for my physical well-being, but for the health of others. The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, Challenge Course (160km a day times two) in June, 2012.
Not easy though when to think back in May I was a shattered soul, hopelessly limping around with a cane and a sling. Edging up the addiction to emotional eating. Just cause (I fractured my pelvis and clavicle).
It’s a minimum or should be anyway, 1.5 hours if you’re training for any kind of cycling distance and heading out. Lately I’ve been reading about the amount of time you can cut off a good hill climb when you’re shy the bulge.
I’m ambitious today. Have no clue the route. These roads are new to me. Let’s see if I can knock off two hours just for fun.
I eat a banana. No snacks to pack. A to go cup of green tea and a water bottle.
The Scottish mist turns to drizzle. I decide to clock my distance and time against my Cat Eye with the iPhone app Endomondo which, coincidently shouts out each kilometer and the time it took.
Managed to forget my glasses, which worked out fine with the downpour that came.
The commuter jacket and the paddling gloves kept me warm. So did the booties.
At 45 minutes I approach a long climb.
There are a couple runners ahead of me.
Who’s going to get to the top first I think to myself? I should be able to gitty-up and go ahead!
I did try.
As we round the corner I manage to pedal past.
It’s flat.
Crap, I thought to myself. Am I that slow? Am I that out of shape?
Yes and yes. And overweight.
All I have to do is keep going I say to myself.
It will get easier.
To yield the results.

If you’re interested in supporting my Ride to Conquer Cancer, please visit the top left link on my blog page for all the details.

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