Saturday, 7 April 2012

The High Five

Not enough time to roll today. Needed a good three hours plus. So I grabbed the gym bag to head out for a run.
Knew I’d be sitting the rest of the day. Trying to finish assignments. Figured a quick 40 minutes would do me good.
It’d been a week plus since a run. Managed to beat my last time… by a mere two seconds.
But hey, felt like that was good. All things considered.
This school stuff stifles the training plans when you get down to serious crunch time.
Was the best run ever.
I’m pacing myself good. Got the breathing down. The sun is in my face, I’m heading for Kitsilano Beach and this dude runs towards me and yells, “Hey! High five!”
We smashed a high five and ran on.
That made me happy.
I was doing it. Running my fastest, my hardest and sweating good.
And I got a high five.

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A Fresh Thinker said...

This is awesome, just saw this VIA Twitter:

@ConnorMeaks 12:44pm via HootSuite
Tears of joy! #5Run RT @Jane_Victoria: We smashed a high five and ran on. That made me happy. The High Five: #running

@ConnorMeaks 12:31pm via HootSuite
@Jane_Victoria Great High five the other day Jane. Saw your blog post. Brought a smile to my face! #5Run is happening! Would love your help!

Here's his post:

How small is our world!!

High five!