Saturday, 14 April 2012

Training Ups

Signed up for the Victoria Goddess Run. A half marathon. Yup, call me crazy.
It’s two weeks before the 320km Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer.
Which is three weeks before I do the 140km Tour de Victoria.
I know. I'm asking for a bit much out of this 40 almost 50 year-old body.
But hey, if you don’t take the leap you’ll never know how far you can jump.
Saw an interesting anecdote on Twitter today. Someone wrote they’d done a workout, then realized the “pros” would be doing another one, so they’d better get out there and up it.
Anotherwards, instead of doing what you should do or what you think you can. Do more.
Enough said.
So I’m telling my riding pal this morning, as we huff and puff up some hills on our bikes, that I signed up for a half.
“So how much running are you doing now?” she asks.
“About 40 minutes. Once, sometimes twice a week,” I reply.
“How far is a half marathon?” comes next.
Me in a mumbo jumbo said something like, “Over 20kms.”
Then, the lightning bolt.
“How far do you run in 40 minutes?” she smartly inquired.
“About 6.5 kms,” I reply meekly.
“So I guess you need to start running more,” she concludes.
Seven weeks till the half. That’s the challenge.
It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.
Now fit that in with school, work, living and training for a 320km cycling ride.
Thinking I might need a new pair of running shoes.


Angela Hemming said...

Jeez, Jane. You're only running 40 mins now? Get yourself a good training program and start building up the long runs. I've done the half marathon distance, several times, and it's brutal. You need to be doing 2 hour runs every weekend ... like, soon.

A Fresh Thinker said...

Scare me silly!
Think I have a pretty good base from the cycling. Even though different muscles.
Build quick is the plan and stay injury free to go the difference.
Good think I'm a bull... and a little pig-headed...