Tuesday, 26 June 2012

30 Years of Bliss

Oak Bay High Class of 1982 30th Reunion
Once the band pumped out Echo Beach I went ballistic.
I was right back into the ‘80’s, or rather my 18 year-old skin.
On the dance floor. Kicking up a storm. I couldn’t stop myself.
It was SO much FUN!
Friday started out as a pub night. Loud voices exchanging livelihood updates.
As many as you could face.
Nobody I spoke to looked drastically different. In fact, not much had changed.
Lots of living going on. Families, kids, many late in life. Careers. Stability.
Quite a few still living on the rock (Vancouver Island). Some came from far away.
I wasn’t the only one divorced (twice).
A few semi-retired. Less then a handful grandparents.
Growing up in the hood was luxury.
Oak Bay has warm summers, wonderful winters (it doesn’t rain as much as Vancouver), nearby parks and sandy beaches.
There was lots to celebrate.
Vacating the Penny Farthing I ventured to the University of Victoria pub, Felicitas to catch the alumni musicians punk it out.
It was awesome. 22nd Century rocked the house.
Duane Nickull of 22nd Century with Tim Chan of China Syndrome
Guest appearances by another classmate grinded out the Ramones AND even the Sex Pistols!
I was right at home.
After a short break another ‘80’s band and once again the dance floor was hopping.
By midnight I was pooped.
With almost a day to recover we were right back at it this time for some formal fun. A dinner, a tribute to our mates who had passed and more celebration.
I used to be able to read 12 point type. Now I automatically set my fonts to 16.
Does it mean I’m getting old?
As Duane Nickull put it a few weekends ago when we were out for a roll and gearing up to come, “If you have your youth, you’ve won the game of life.”
Yes, Duane. You are right.
I’ve still got it.
Even though, as another classmate put it, we’re in the “Fucking Fourties!”
Jane and Duane
Photograph by Angela Hemming
I didn’t go to judge – I went to celebrate.

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Angela Hemming said...

LOVE this, Jane. And thanks so much for being a great MC at the dinner/dance. You're right - it was a true celebration and I'm still buzzing, days later.