Wednesday, 11 July 2012

East and West

Sunglasses are mandatory.
These days.
My new cycling commute is sweet.
I ride towards the sun in the morning and into the sunset in the evening.
The blocks of climbs on the final stretches steer me to the mountains and the trees. 
I am grateful for the beauty all around me.
The commute to work is down to 45 minutes. Like those in a car. I drink coffee along the way.

At stop lights.
I divide the ride into three sections.
The Esplanade roll into the sunrise. The Second Narrows grunt. And finally the residential bliss bicycle route.
Directional signage helped me find my way. Thanks to the Bike HUB (aka Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition) for dialing it all in.
Usually I’m hungry homeward bound. Often I smell barbeques, garlic and other wonderful dinner creations.
Has my mouth watering and my belly barking.
Each day I notice something different.
A community garden, a boulevard artistic creation, a neighbourhood book exchange and many innovative traffic calming circles.
North and south and east and west.

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