Friday, 2 November 2012

Social Media Snores

A young cousin recently asked me what “on-line” meant.
Some still aren’t in the know.
If you’re not on Facebook does that mean you are faceless?
How’s anyone to know? 
Where you are, how you’re feeling, what you’re doing or what you’re working on.
The potential was unleashed six years ago for me. The new wave of technological infrastructure.
Yup, I jumped into it. Sunk my teeth into it.
You’re either in, or you’re not.
Nowadays the world grapples to status update or tweet or pin or plus or post or gram.
But like texting, it is so impersonal.
Frankly, I’ve grown bored of it.
This century has defined it.
Life at our fingertips. 
Out of person.
Out of face.
Not in person.
What does the world need now?
Connecting through the Internet. Some magic wireless connection that we can’t even see?

Sure I crave to be a trend spotter. Hook into what thought leaders are saying. To be in the know. I monitor the airwaves.
But I’d much rather define that for real.
Talk back. Listen. Share.
Feel the moment.
Understand the words with the emotions.
We’re spending our lives in front of a computer screen.
Is it really helping us to live richer, fuller lives?
Or is it hindering us?

Nov. 23, 2012
Came across this SocialNOMICS Infographics Video.
Powerful statistics which illustrates the force that drives the future for branding, marketing and all advertising...
Social Media = "The World of Mouth."

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