Saturday, 26 January 2013

Pathways to Freedom

Do you explore what the Universe is telling you?
When all the stars are aligned, trust me you can feel it. Your soul will tell you.
If you listen.
The title of this blog post popped into my head as I was running up a steep hill. I was reflecting on a visit I’d had recently to the Vancouver Art Gallery. Each one of the floors. The following night I had attended the Presentation House Gallery Opening. At some point in the evening this realization jolted me:

“Art is the upholstery of freedom. Of life.” 

I carry a notebook and pen with me. I quickly took it out and wrote it down.

Not long ago I had read a short anecdote by a family friend, Peter Tongue who produces a spiritual podcast called Voice of America.
In it he’d talked about a walk in a field where he witnessed a Vulture swoop down. His initial thought was the obvious. 
“What is it going after?”
Then as perception would have it, he mulled this further and asked himself. 
“What is it showing me?”
I’ve been saying for years, whenever some kind of circumstance arises that may not necessarily be in my favour that “Everything happens for a reason, you won’t realize it now but you will later.”
We are guided in our path of life and I believe it is dictated by one of two things: 
The first being what your head tells you and the second is what your soul or your heart says.
Do we take enough time as human beings to explore this?
To listen to what the Universe is telling us by hearing our soul calling?
I believe this is our pathway to freedom. 
Our pathway to freedom, for life.

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