Wednesday, 8 July 2009

About Those Car Companies...

I'm still not understanding what Governments... tax payer's dollars... are doing bailing out car companies. Firstly, aren't we trying to move AWAY from the urban centred lifestyle of driving from A to B when we could possibly walk, car-pool, take a bus or better yet ride a bicycle? Secondly, what happened to 'Climate Change' and 'Reducing our Carbon Footprint?' Thirdly, considering the average life of a car is let's say 10 years (I'm guessing), why do we need to keep building more cars all the time? Where are the old ones going? Not off the road at any lightning speed... Return a wreck... cash in and buy a new one?
Someone told me last week they purchased a new mountain bike with funds from trading in their old (car) wreck. Now that makes 'cents' to me.
So why aren't governments funding the alternatives to cars to reduce our carbon footprint, help (ha ha) stall (wishful thinking) Climate Change and create healthier people and communities?
Me not understanding... strategies need to be changed in order to meet the demands of the future. Reduce health care costs, reduce the affects of Climate Change, reduce cars on roads... PERIOD.

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