Monday, 6 July 2009

Volunteerism a GO!

It's official. I've worked harder, smarter, faster and had way more fun on volunteer projects then I have ever had working in the 'real world' at a paid job. Why is that?
Well, you tend to volunteer for things you're passionate about. That's true. You're not too worried about a performance review because it's a 'one shot' deal. Yup. But honestly, I don't even think about things like that. I just think about doing the best job possible and hey, having fun and hanging out with the like-minded crazy folks like me. Yes, it's true, volunteering can be as stressful as a 'real job.' However, the pay-off are the memories and friendships made that will last a lifetime.
Volunteerism is the way to go. Follow thy heart. Honour they temple. And do what makes you smile! Do it - if only once!

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