Saturday, 25 July 2009

As It Happens

Mum always used to say, "Everything happens for a reason, you won't realize it now, you will later."
Hard to take when you're down and out. When something has gone wrong. When you can't for the life of you figure out why. And the only thoughts that come to mind are "WHY ME?" Along with the emotion anger, maybe depression, and possibly dismay.
So when it comes time to come to terms, so to speak... on the why, not understanding today, well - mum's words resonate. "Everything happens for a reason, you won't realize it now, but you will later."
It's a matter, I've realized, of looking forward to the future.
I once heard a saying, "The past is old and dead, the future is yet unborn, the only time is now."
True enough. But in order to get past the day and understand the now, sometimes you have to think about the future. And that it is bright. And you may even need your shades!

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