Saturday, 8 August 2009

Accept and Be Grateful

What if time stood still. Would anything matter?
Today, tomorrow and forever I vow to accept what is. For what is, the now and for what may be tomorrow. Let it be.
And be grateful.
I learned a good lesson last Saturday when I was watching my son race in the World Cup Downhill Mountain Bike competition in Bromont, Quebec. It was live on the Internet. Time came for his race run and the server went down. Came back up for a replay of his horrific race run crash. I watched as someone rolled his limp body off the course. I recognized his feet. Those were my son's feet. The camera replayed back to the crowd watching over him. He wasn't moving. I left the bike store where I was and sat by the wheel of my truck and told the Universe. He's going to be okay. He's going to be okay. He's going to be okay.
I can't stop what happens. I can only accept it and deal with it. Like another strong mother said to me, 'deal with it as it comes.'
Thankfully he was able, some time later to get up and walk. And two days later he was home. Walking, talking, laughing, in real time. In the now. I accept what is today, what will be tomorrow and I am grateful. I can't change what is, nor should I manifest what should be. All I can do is accept and be grateful. Today I am. And tomorrow I will be.

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