Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fave Stage So Far

It was a late start today. We were waylaid on BC Ferries in Comox. I won’t delve in the stinky details but there were some issues with 500 racers boarding one ferry and using the toidies at the same time. Maybe some other loading stuff too. Whatever, more time for recovery. I’ll leave it at that.
It’s already Day 3 and we’re starting off in Powell River. I’d ridden about ten minutes of trail earlier this year that was it. I’d heard from course descriptions it was loaming and technical and it’ll make you work.
Once disembarked we had a waterfront walk to the start line Original start time noon. Now 1 p.m. Organizers advised us they had to trim 5 km due to time. I didn’t hear any protests.
The nerves crept up again.
Us Challengers were loaded to the back as they released 50 at a time due to the public bike path we were starting out on. I have to say I was in awe riding along a forest seaside.
It was a diggidy dog ride. We crossed many a bridge and there was lots of bear country with scenic views. Arm pump was plenty gaging the rooty swoopy rolly trails. Wow. And to top it off I got my first flat ever!
It was after a fun climb and almost hike-a-bike through some chewed up old logged forest. Bike felt funny. I say to the guy behind me, do I look flat to you?
I knew to shift the gears down to low low for taking the back wheel off. Honestly, something I’ve never ever done. I was almost there when the Universe sent an angel to me. There were a lot of people going by and saying, “Got what you need?”
Chris, originally from Fort McMurray now residing in Saskatoon said, "You OK with that?" and I meakishing replied, “Well, I’ve never done it before.”
He stopped. Claimed riding in the Moab gave him lots of practice. I was dialed and ready to rip again.
Had to as rider “Hawaii” pictured above, real name Heather (she's really from Hawaii and here for the race and a holiday with her family) is sitting in fourth for the Challenge Solo Women (I was fifth as of yesterday) passed me during the flat change. I wanted to catch her and the Uni!
So I started screaming then realized, I need to cut it down here and absorb this incredible scenery. One guy I passed when commenting “Isn’t this beautiful,” replied with, “I’m enjoying every minute of it.
At the bike wash station after the ride I heard in an elevated excited voice, “Super nasty techy hey!”
Apparently us Challengers got the best of it! I loved it. Fave stage so far. Day three down, four more to go! WOOT WOOT!

For all the deets on BC Bike Race Challenge and Epic courses go to www.bcbikerace.com


Amy said...

Thanks for the post Jane, couldn't wait to read! Bummer on the flat, but sounds like you're doing great! I hope to hang back and enjoy the scenery if I make it there next year, pics look awesome.

Melissa said...

BC Ferries Late?? What? I will report this to Eric who by the way will be seeing you on Friday in Squamish! Keep on moving girl, you are doing awesome!

Dan Webster said...

Fun times! Glad to have met you today the bus. Hope Stage 4 is as good for us as Stage 3!

Jane Victoria King said...

Thank you all!!!!! LOVE hearing from you!