Monday, 28 June 2010

Done With Yucks!

Supposed to go three times around the Voodoo circle. Head down I missed it. That was yesterday during the Abyss trail ride in Nanaimo.
Thomas of BC Bike Race reminded me of that at the finish line. I promptly blew it off.
“Have an awesome ride…race?” said my pal Shawn as I boarded the comfiest looking bus in line after breakfast. I laughed. I came to ride, but honestly have to say I got a little race funky yesterday.
We're on our way to Cumberland. Us Challengers are doing 37 kms today. On route we have a major mechanical. The comfy bus sounded lots of billowing white smoke. Harry the driver who had happily chirped before departure, “We’ve got the whole world in the bus,” did the right thing. He pulled over and called the supervisor. There were positive comments from all of us. "At least we didn't miss a ferry!"
Nothing we could do but wait. Wasn’t long. Luckily for the ladies there was a john on board!
I was ready to roll in Cumberland. But due to the mechanical, didn’t get to race start till the ten-second countdown. Still buckling up my camel pack, no time to top up water. We were off.
The 500 of us packed Main Street and soon spilled off into some double track. It was stop and go which gave me time to adjust my camera and pack. As the pack spread we swung out to the techy trails of Cumberland. Well-loved you could tell.
Ample places to ramp up. I found myself racing. Hit the Aid Station and asked how much further. Another 14 kms. I went for the banana train and bolted. I wanted more then fifth today.
Had a touch and go with another gal when we broke off from the Epic riders. We kept her going jiggy jaggy through the clear cuts.
All of a sudden there’s another Challenge rider heading our way. He claims a T with no flagging. Crap. We’re soon joined by Christian from Austria. We decide one will go high the other low. I have a phone number for base camp in my Blackberry so ring for help. Five to ten minutes later a BCBR truck rolls up. Directs us back from whence we came.
Felt pretty dozey when we came upon the flagging. How could four of us go off course? Well we did.
Now we’re getting caught by the Epics. I’m pissed cause I gotta slow down for passing. It was a tough slog. We had grinding climbs. Sick single track. Wicked downhills. Knew I was back in the swing and getting close to the finish as I could hear the music. Then I snag some gear issue thing. Stop and see I’ve picked up some yellow flagging in my derailleur. Really want to get her done for the day so I do what I can leap back on and realize no low gears. Good for high. Good thing it’s mostly downhill!
I’m peeling now. I know it's close. Pedal to the metal. 37 kms of Cumberland now under my belt. Three hours and 18 minutes on my clock. Course extras included.
In the end I thanked my bike. My Devinci Moonracer. She held up and got me home. Done with the yucks now. The rest of the week is going to be sweet!!
Powell River tomorrow. Day two, BC Bike Race complete.


Amy said...

Nice post Jane, loved it!! Could not help but smile reading about the missed turn.......something I seem to have a talent for myself. I missed placing in a race a couple years ago from a missed turn and did it again during a race a few weeks ago.
Great job today, looking forward to tomorrow's pics and post!
Knoxville, TN

Jane Victoria King said...

Too funny although not at the time. Thanks for your support. Looking forward to Powell River tomorrow. WOOT WOOT!