Sunday, 27 June 2010

Power Moves Power Dates

A Power Move is when you get to an obstacle in high gear and you lay on the power to get over it.

Day One, BC Bike Race Challenge course was a blast. The early morning evolved first with a bus trip to the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal. I sat with a gentleman from Switzerland named Bat (pronounced Baet). Immediately I popped the question, “Are you racing or are you riding?”
This was the first of many similar overhead comments.
“I’m riding it.”
So starts the day. While there was some grumbling over not beginning in Nanaimo, one guy put it right.
“Ferry rides do a lot for reducing the pace of life.”
I was lucky as somehow I managed to make it to the front of the line for the Island Breakfast and the rock star view on the Coastal Renaissance. A nice breather to begin the day.
Heading out of Departure Bay ferry terminal was a hoot. The rock n’roll blasted and there were yips and yeahs heard as we heaved to over the start line. An 8 km roll to the trails.

I’m riding the Challenge Course, which is a first for BC Bike Race and half the distance of the Epic. For all the deets go to

I met another Challenger in line. Deborah from Texas. She claimed nerves. I didn’t see it. We both agreed, ride it smooth and steady. Have fun.
We’re almost to the trails and some fellow says he’s a member of the Tortoise Club. Perfect. That’s better then the BPC (Back of the Pack Club).
I have to say one of the funniest things I overheard en route was, “Anyone else burping up sausage?”

Once in the single track a little stop and go snail moves before the pack spread out a bit. What a ride. I’m telling you. There was rooty rocky technical single track with picturesque rocks, the trail so named the Abyss. And lots of power moves!
I was grateful for the power date bars I was given by my pal, Tamsin. Perfect slow release of sugar that kept me givin’er.
Near the end the Challengers broke off to the Glory Hole. Solely constructed for the BC Bike Race finish. (Rumoured to not exist.) There was some testy sketchy downhill. I walked. Glad I did as I came upon a magical waterfall. Then the Uni started to catch up to me. Had to give’er again. No way was I going to get passed by an Unicyclist! Me on two wheels forged the last 2 km to the roundabout finish on the track in Nanaimo.
I heard, Andreas Hestler over the loud speaker after he sneaked in claim it was the best course he’d ever ridden. Bar none.
“It was hard, it was fun it was the ultimate single track experience.”
Day One BC Bike Race done. Wow, what a day!


Amy said...

Thanks for posting so timely, I'm on the computer regularly looking for any updates. I'm eagerly following the race from Knoxville, TN. My friend Laureen (from Memphis, TN) is competing in the Epic, Solo Women 40+ and I am SO eager to come do this race next year!

Amy said...

Thanks for posting so timely! I am eagerly watching the race from Knoxville, TN, following on FB and the BCBR site. My friend Laureen is riding in the Epic Womens Solo 40+ and I am hoping to come compete next year!

Amy said...

Thanks for posting so timely! I'm following the race from Knoxville, TN and my friend Laureen is riding in the Epic Womens Solo 40+. I'm hoping to compete next year as a team with my husband in the Challenge division, so I'm eager to hear your comments as a Challenge rider. Would love to know how much you trained and how you did with the distances too!
Thanks for the blog, so fun to follow the race through different people!

tcoulterx2 said...

What an amazing experience. All that hard work training in the pouring rain is paying off!

Jane Victoria King said...

Doing BC Bike Race is an amazing experience. The people you meet are incredible. There are racers from 21 countries competing.

With regards to training, just get the miles on. Be consistent. Take a look at Dres' training program and do your best to follow it. It's posted on the web site I had to get up at 4:15 a.m. to get my three hour ride in during the week. I didn't get over 14 hours in in a week, but I tried to be as consistent as possible. Weekends, long rides. But my average long ride was three hours. It was very difficult because I commute to work almost two hours a day and do physical work all week.

This is Day One so will definitely let you know how I feel as I go along!

Jane Victoria King said...

PS Thanks for reading and commenting!

Melissa said...

Got gettem' girl! Love your post. Have you fallen in love out there yet? LOL - enjoy the riding for me! Chat soon :)

Jane Victoria King said...

Oh yeah, I'll be riding for ya. And WITH you! Thanks for all the advise on eating and loading up in the beginning. So far so good!

PS Some pretty good looking nice souls from Europe out here... :)

Amy said...

Jane, I forgot to thank you for your info on the training. I had seen Dre's workout schedule, but of course that just boggles my mind with all the hours on that schedule designed for a pro. I guess the goal is just as you said, get the miles on, as many as possible. If I get my husband talked into this (he has 3 more days to decide before registration Monday) then I foresee some 4am rides as well, BLAH. But what an experience and you are doing fantastic, have now finished FIVE days of this race!
On a side note, I have a cousin who I think is in your line of work (to some degree), she builds sailboats in Flint, Michigan, has been for probably 20 years now. They are most known for the Lightning.
Good luck on the last 2 days of the race and I hope those legs hold out!

Jane Victoria King said...

Thanks Amy!

Amy said...

ps. I know you are a writer/photographer gal, just noticed the boat pictures and made assumptions of current work. You mentioned you had a very physical job and I immediately thought of my cousin who builds boats!
So, is this a "Must Do" for avid mountain bikers or are your legs screaming and hating you right now? My husband is still sitting the fence on doing this next July. I was wanting to do it as a mixed team b/c we are pretty evenly matched, but I may throw out that card "I'm going, are you going with me?" :-)

Anonymous said...

so your the person who left the power date wrapper on the ground thanks dude i live there

ps to anyone who rides the trails sorry abut my dog