Saturday, 26 June 2010

TT Nerves of Steel

Gassed is what I heard in line waiting for the registration process to flow through. Made me think of the North Shore Festival madness xc marathon I did earlier this month. Was fearing for the worst I have to say. A Time Trial when I’m amongst the Pros at :30-second intervals. How squashed could that be when you get to the single track?
I made it through the registration process in two hours. Got lots of chatting in. Met a rider from Toronto and another from Oregon. Overheard one guy say he pre-rode the TT in 11 minutes. The whole 3.7 kms. The angst set in.
My mouth was dry after the road ride to the start. Chatting away to new folks in line, a few from California, another from Calgary. Uber fit to look at. Not me. Super happy that I got consistent training in, but not enough (under four months) or long enough. Coulda been at ‘er for a year and I’d probably be feeling better.
As I got closer to the ramp starts and the beeps became clear all I could think was get’er done and have fun. Smooth and steady.
As soon as I took off I felt my seat and gears were too low. Didn’t take long to get flashed by some guy who was just givin’er. If we were horses he’d be a Thoroughbred and I’d be the Shetland pony.
I tackled the climbs as best I could. Let some more guys by. Before I knew it there was the downhill. What a blast. I jammed on one log with my back break and had to bail. Note to oneself: she who hesitates is lost. Recovered fast though to pick it up again. Made a whole run on the bridge. First time ever. Cut to the cross road and my pal Meaghan yelled “Ride it, Jane!” So I did. Some steep rocky thing. In normal mode I probably would of jammed.
As I flowed on my bike was rattling as I pumped her down the rooty rocky windy trail. I rode hard to the finish with three words blurting outa my mouth at a time. “I DID it!” and “That was FUN!”
It’s only just beginning. The Prologue of Day 0 done. Seven days of BC Bike Race to go.
Livin’ like a pro!
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Amy said...

Jane, I'm in Tennessee, following the race on line through various posts and found your blog. I have a friend there doing the Epic. I will enjoy following your posts as well b/c I am hoping to do the Challenge in 2012. I'm eager to hear how it all plays out for those of us not stout enough for the Epic. Enjoy the ride and thanks for sharing!

Jane Victoria King said...

Awesome. Great goal. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I will definitely let you know every day how it goes. You'll love it when you get here!!

tcoulterx2 said...

I am loving your posts Jane. I feel like I am there with you thorugh the ups and downs - literally. What a terrific accomplishment! Sailor Girl

janice said...

Wow Jane! Looking forward to the next post. Keep them coming...

Jane Victoria King said...

When I get comments it makes me want to get my posts up even faster. Enjoy the Challenge Course with me and thank you so much for taking the time to read them! It means a lot.

Amy said...

I now see my comment did go through last night, sorry for the repeat today.
After watching more video and looking over the BCBR site again last night I'm now trying to talk my husband in to coming next year instead. We have 2 little kids and training time will get harder each year they get older, that's my excuse anyway. :-)
Ride on!