Friday, 25 June 2010

Bye Bye Boatyard, Hello BC Bike Race

Pretty happy last night when I left the boatyard. Knowing I was getting sorted today and readying to catch the ferry to the mainland. In a flurry of panic I raced around the morning picking up the little extras. Some electrolytes, extra cycling shorts and a new helmet.
As I’ve helped out BC Bike Race in the past I also volunteered to pick up some tents and their sound system since all was on the Island.
Had just enough time to breeze through the boatyard on the way to Swartz Bay to say a final goodbye. Felt bad leaving in the middle of a huge job, but it’s a boat. Anytime you plan for a project, with a boat anyway, I know the proven formula for project management:
Think about how long you think it will take you, double that, then multiply it by three. Should be about right.
Sure enough, with this one, we already had seven days of sanding and still no primer. Poor Rose, I left her in charge with help from Paul and Kyle, and the owner showing great patience. What can I say? I booked the days long ago to do the Challenge course for BC Bike Race.
Once in Vancouver I dropped the BC Bike Race gear at their headquarters where a maze of staff and volunteers were grinding away getting things sorted for Day 0 tomorrow. Then I was off, lucky me to stay at the Miller’s house in Squamish. Thought I’d leave my truck closer to the finish line so I can scurry back to the Island when I’m done and get back to work.
But for now, no more steel toed boots and paint dust... hello BC Bike Race!

For all the deets on the race go to

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