Thursday, 24 June 2010

Go Time! BC Bike Race

This week is supposed to be a rest/recovery week, ahead of the BC Bike Race race week. I’m troubled when I think of all I could of done, training wise but couldn’t. Not that I didn’t try. It was time.
Although the Challenge course, which is new to BC Bike Race this year, is not the full pull of the Epic course, it is something one needs to train and prepare for.
When I passed on a comment to my pal, Rose today with regards to how I’m feeling, her reply made me laugh. I spoke to my subconscious in this tone, “Cancel that thought!”
I said I was starting to get excited. She said, “I’d be petrified!”
Oh boy, I know what I’m in for. I plan on enjoying it. I suppose you call it a race, but really for me I’m there to ride. My goal is to make every cut-off time and not make any volunteers or BC Bike Race staff wait for me. Also, to ensure I get’er done each day so I have enough time to recover for the next day.
Now I can say I’ve ridden the North Shore in Vancouver, a bit of the trails in Nanaimo, a lot in Cumberland, a little in Powell River, nothing at all on the Sunshine Coast, a smidgen of Squamish and some of Whistler. So what am I looking forward to most? Honestly, I have to say sweating, getting the heart pumping and breathing in all that beautiful fresh forest air. Getting in a 2-6 hour work out a day: BONUS!
When I dropped the dog off to my girlfriend, Irma’s house tonight I told her about my tailgater position in all the races I’ve done. That got her mind going.
“Call yourself the Last But Not Least Club!” she said.
We headed to the computer thinking about the Tortoise and the Hair… slow and steady wins the race.
Then we found this one: The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end. (
That’ll be me.

Note: The Prologue starts on Saturday, June 26th in North Vancouver with Day 1 beginning in Nanaimo June 27. For more information visit

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