Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Digging Deep

The BC Bike Race Challenge course leader's jersey holders: Kelli Sherbinin and Darren Butler (both from Vancouver). For all the deets on BC Bike Race go to

Today was tough. Legs are steel. I’m in the groove. But to be frank, the course was a grunt. Lots of climbing, but with sweet single track.
We awoke to pinkish skies in Powell River. The usual scurry to hit the baggage truck and the lovely forest trail walk up to the Powell River Arena for breaky. Sat with a bunch from Calgary this morning. Lots of them guys made it out for the BC Bike Race.
It’s bus time now to the Saltery Bay ferry. Us Challengers get loaded together. This is cool. I sit beside Chris from Fort McMurry. He’s dropped down from Epic to Challenge.
“I’m so glad they have the Challenge,” he says, “The Epic was too long and too hard.”
He wasn’t the only one. The option, available for the first time this year, allows you to keep riding if you’re feeling the Epic isn’t working for you.
Day 0 Racer Briefing words of Marketing Director and Olympian, Andreas Hestler ring in my head. Nurse your body and your bike.
Once on the Sunshine Coast we head past Halfmoon Bay to our start line. We’re told it’s a hill climb.
That it was. Then some switchbacky super burmy cut single track. Epic, but we’re Challengers. No matter. Climbing was climbing. Legs felt tired to start off. Got in the mode. Glad I took the other half of the bagel and banana with me. Bonk bonk!
I wasn’t feeling on till I got past the two hours. Had to stop and take pictures along the way. Spectacular views. Waterfalls, lakes, mountains, the works. As soon as I have enough time I'll upgrade my Flikr account so I can post all my daily pics.
It truly was another Ultimate Single Track Experience.
Thank you BC Bike Race. Hump day done. Three more days to groove!

I'm with him!


glenowyn said...

Hi Jane
I've been following your results and you've been doing very well and then to see your blog has been great. To tackle so much in one year is incredible. Next year when you show up to Island Cup Races women will be whispering "That is Jane King. " Hope to go riding with you when you have rested and recovered. I'm sure you will be so happy with the leap in your skill and strength level.
have a great time on the BCBR

Karen said...

Jane, I love reading your blogs, they are so descriptive and your pictures are beautiful. Thinking of you on that grueling and amazing ride! Hope to ride with you - on the road bike when I have recovered and my bike is no longer a scooter (big smile). You are an inspiration!

Jane Victoria King said...

Thank you! I finally got a road bike too. Look forward to riding with you both soon! Great to connect!!!