Thursday, 16 August 2012

The SeaWheeze Cool Factor

The men stood out.
Love colour. Bright colours. Multi-colours.
Lululemon thought of everything.
The SeaWheeze lululemon half marathon was their first. 
Attracting  mostly women. It captured the spirit of health. The essence of being. In the blanket of Vancouver.
Branding activation at it’s finest.
Lululemon furniture in the BFD (Big Frickin' Deal) area at the After Party for SeaWheeze.
In a sea of calm I bought a pair of shorts.
It was late Friday night. The line-ups gone, for the exclusive merchandise of The SeaWheeze.
Sweet designs. Supreme comfort. Cool colours.
Drink water. Sweat. Do yoga.
The life force philosophy transcended the decorative displays of everyday wear.
Paramount for comfort with practicality intrinsically intertwined.
Then there was the run. Full of high fives and entertainment.
The sign says "Run like you are in the Olympics."
The end of the salmon run aka "The Course Sweeper"
Concluding with a live After Party, then sunset yoga at Kits Beach.
The SeaWheeze After Party with live music, sunshine, a sea of people and the mountains.
It was a perfect day.

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